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Urgent Notice on Travelling to Bangladesh
Latest institutional Quarantine Measures in Bangladesh for passengers travelling from UK
(effective from 25 January 2021):
As per the latest decisions taken by the Civil aviation authority of Bangladesh/ Government of Bangladesh Circular No. 30.31.0000. , with effect from 25 January 2021, all passengers travelling to Bangladesh from the United Kingdom will be quarantined in the following measures:

  1. Passengers will be sent to the Government selected Hotel for Mandatory institutional quarantine at passengers’ own cost for a period of 07 (seven) days. If any passenger is unable to stay at the government approved hotels, the seven-day quarantine will be implemented at government managed quarantine centres.
  2. After seven-days’ mandatory institutional quarantine, Covid-19 PCR Test will be conducted. If the result comes NEGATIVE, the passengers will be sent to 14 (fourteen) days home quarantine.
  3. If the Covid-19 PCR Test result comes POSITIVE, the passenger/s concerned will be sent to government designated hospitals for further course of action. All costs of the hospital will be borne by the passenger/s.


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