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Sponsorship Certificate

** Applicants who are using SATNAV or any other GPS Device while driving are requested to use M43 6BE /M43 6BA to locate the new office exactly.

Sponsorship Certificate

Incomplete Application could delay the processing time for the required service. Please submit the complete application.

Requirements for the submission of Sponsorship Application:

I. Document/s:
a) Sponsor’s Valid Bangladeshi Passport with Passport Photocopy ( all of the information pages) or Valid UK Passport with No-Visa Sticker/Stamp along with photocopy.

The Validity of UK passport has to be minimum Six Months.

b) 2 (two) recent Passport size photograph of each sponsored person.
II. Sponsored:
c) 2 (two) recent Passport size photograph of each applicant.
d) Valid Passport’s Photocopy (All Information Pages).
III. A complete filled up Application form.

** Sponsors document.

** While preparing the Sponsor document please concern that all of the information/s of the sponsor’s and sponsored which are written in the document are need to be according to the submitted document/s (The spelling of name and other information have to be same).

Note that: Cheque/ credit card payment / cash will not be accepted as the Processing Fees.

1) Debit card ( In person Submission).
2) Postal Order Payable to “ Bangladesh Assistant High Commission, Manchester”.
3) Bank Draft.
4)Payment may also be made by phone using debit card (only when the Mission official contacts the applicant/s).

Application Fees (Non Refundable): £7.00/= per Person
Service Processing Time = Minimum 3-5 ( three- Five) working days

Consular Timing for the Applicant:

Application Submission time (Except Public Holiday/s and bank Holiday):
1) In person:
Monday to Thursday: 10:00 hrs -13:00 hrs
Friday: 10:00 hrs – 12:30 hrs
2) By Post: Please send prepaid Next Day recorded delivery return envelop along with your application.
Service receiving/collecting Time for the Applicant: Monday to Friday 15:30 hrs – 17:00 hrs (Except Public Holiday/s and bank Holiday).

Sponsorship Declaration Form

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